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Our mission is to develop, publish and distribute research-based training materials created to empower educators and parents to raise the academic performance of historically underperforming students.  We are making a difference in the efforts to close the academic achievement gap. We strive at being an effective source of research-based print and media products for educators and parents who want to help low achieving students to become more successful in school.

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Parenting Practices Academy

The Online Parenting Practices Academy provides a resource to empower parents to become more involved in creating an environment that results in improved attendance, positive and interactive behavior.  The Parenting Practices Academy curriculum encourages a partnership between parent and child to tackle academic challenges together.

The Online Parenting Practices Academy provides a strategic plan that allows parents, students, educators and administrators to prepare students for success within a college setting, for life skills and a successful career.

Engaging in the Online Parenting Practices Academy videos, allows parents to understand the importance of how their interactions with their children in the home directly affect and impact the academic progress of their children at school. 

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Promotional Video in English Promotional Video in Spanish

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Watch the trailer for our Parenting Practices DVD, available on this website in Spanish or English, and Streaming Video in both languages!