Bridging the Achievement Gap: What Successful Educators and Parents Do- 2nd Edition book (2018)

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Versions: Paperback (134 pages), E-book (Coming Soon)

Author: Dr. Rex Fortune with Dr. Dominic Zarecki and Rex Fortune III. Edited by Robert Graswich.

Publisher: Bookbaby

The Second Edition of Bridging the Achievement Gap: What Successful Educators and Parents Do includes 11 examples of K-12 high performing public schools which serve mostly African American students.  The book argues that school district leaders with low performing schools should consider what these high performing schools do in their planning to reverse the on-going trend of relatively low academic performance of African American students.

Included in the “Solution Chapter” is the rationale for state legislation to provide funding for students who are low performing, but who may not qualify for current funding for low income students.  Also included in that chapter is the actual legislative language which were under consideration by the California State Legislature.   The book contains other supporting research on this topic.

The answers are revealed in 134 pages (printed book edition) of meticulous research, successful strategies, and on-site visits to gap-closing, California K-12 public schools.  

Fortune's engaging and revealing conversations with: 
1) Administrators who are strong, dedicated leaders - focused on educating each student. 
2) Teachers who share their proven practices in achieving student success.

3) Parents who prioritize learning, in school and at home, and are cheerleaders for their children's progress. 

Examples of data included in the book are: 
1) Detailed data on the 11 California public schools chosen for their high achievement while serving predominantly African American student populations.
2) Tables and charts on gap-closing, high minority schools.

3) Graph for the National Assessment of Educational Progress for data year 2013.