Bridging the Achievement Gap: What Successful Educators and Parents Do - First Edition book (2012)

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Author: Dr. Rex Fortune. Research by Rex Fortune III and Chanel Murphy. Edited and designed by Phawnda Moore.

Publisher: Fortune and Associates

  • Award winning book, in the special purpose category, from the National School Public Relations Association.

Educators, policymakers and parents can take a journey with Sacramento, California educational reform advocate Rex Fortune to affect change. After presenting national and state data as evidence of the achievement gap's result on the country's economy, taxpayers, prisons, and unemployment, Fortune asks the question, "How can low-achieving minorities close the achievement gap?" 

The answers are revealed in 514 pages of meticulous research about successful strategies, and based on-site visits to 7 gap-closing, California K-12 public schools. Join 

Fortune's engaging and revealing conversations with: 
1) Administrators who are strong, dedicated leaders - focused on educating each student. 
2) Teachers who know why their students are 100% proficient or advanced and share their practices. 
3) Parents who prioritize learning, in school and at home, and are cheerleaders for their children's progress. 

Examples of data included in the book are: 
1) Detailed data on the 144 California public schools with high minority (African American and Hispanic) and high socioeconomically disadvantaged students chosen for the study. 
2) Tables and reports on 20 gap-closing, high minority schools as well as tables on 20 low-achieving schools. 
3) Tables and reports of similarities from 15 high-achieving Asian schools. 

Over 400 images include: 
1) Photos taken at the school site visits. 
Exhibits of school documents: parent contracts, teachers' lesson plans, interview instruments.
2) Tables, graphs and charts supporting research on the API and CST, ethnicity, teachers' credentials and salaries, school finances, class size, enrollment, textbooks and more.

Bridging the Achievement Gap: First Edition powerfully illuminates the path for change with practical and proven practices, and is a valuable resource to the education profession.