Common Core Standards – 8 short videos

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Total run time: 13:53 minutes

Presenter: Tamara Williams (Principal, Hazel Mahone College Prep)

Are Common Core Standards in Reading, English Language Arts and Mathematics really different from what existed before? These videos provide an introduction to Common Core Standards and how parents can improve their knowledge and skills in supporting their students with this new instructional approach. The presenter is a parent, an elementary school principal and a former teacher who implemented instruction based on Common Core Standards. Video topics in this section include:

  • How does Common Core differ from previous curriculum standards?
  • Are Common Core Standards parent friendly and accessible?
  • Best tips for parents for developing their child’s strengths.
  • How can a school inform parents about Common Core Standards being implemented in their child’s school?
  • What can parents do to help their child build Common Core skills?
  • What skills are taught by Common Core?
  • Does Common Core include attention to STEM?
  • What does Common Core mean by College and Career readiness standards?