Educational Technology – 9 short videos

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Total run time: 14:00 minutes

Presenters: Joseph Gambino (Principal, William Lee College Prep), Kim Howard (Principal, Fortune School)

This collection of videos informs parents about software programs they can use at home to support student learning. A principal also discusses how technology is used by teachers to facilitate communications with parents, to keep track of their individual student’s progress, and to develop student’s skills in using computers. This information is especially important, since the new state testing program requires that students complete their assessments using the school’s computers. Video topics in this section include:

  • Best tips in using educational technology.
  • How can parents learn and benefit from educational technology?
  • How do parents balance their child’s use of educational technology with other “screen time?”
  • Is educational technology truly working to improve school instruction?
  • What are other benefits of educational technology?
  • How is educational technology used by schools?
  • Should parents rely on mobile devices to teach children at home?
  • Is educational technology taking away from the arts and traditional learning?
  • How do parents manage the use of technology as they teach their children to read?