Language Development – 8 short videos

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Total run time: 15:35 minutes

Presenters: Kim Howard (Principal, Fortune School), Ericka Nielson (Teacher, Fortune Schools), Shunta Williams (Teacher, Fortune Schools)

These videos discuss when parents should embark on reading to their children and developing their vocabulary. Teachers stress the relationship between reading and mathematics problem solving. Finally, teachers provide tips for parents about language development strategies at home.  Video topics in this section include:

  • Best tips for parents regarding vocabulary development for their child.
  • How can parents observe and become involved in the classroom?
  • How can parents support multilingual children in building vocabulary?
  • How should parents manage the use of technology when teaching a child to read?
  • How should parents manage the use of technology in preparing their child’s homework?
  • What are practical ways parents can encourage their child to read at home?
  • What are things parents can do to enhance their child’s vocabulary?
  • What can a parent do if they observe their child is having learning problems?