Parenting Practices Binder

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Author: Dr. Rex Fortune

Publisher: Fortune and Associates

The Parenting Practices Binder, available in English and Spanish, is a training guide with materials for educators and leaders to use for parent academy trainings. The entire 3-ring binder, with our included training materials, can also be used as a handout to give parents during a parent academy training session, for the parent to use at home as a tool to prepare their children for success at school.

The Parenting Practices Binder includes the following:

  • Large 3-ring binder, with inside pockets to hold additional materials.
  • Sample agenda.
  • 1 copy of our Parenting Practices Booklet (English/Spanish bilingual version).
  • Pre-labeled binder divider tabs to organize and hold your school-site’s specific information. The topic titles that are pre-printed on the divider tabs include Parent Involvement; Attendance; Behavior; Academics (with additional printed subject information tabs for ELA (English Language Arts), Math, Science, and Ed Tech (Education Technology); and College and Career Information.
  • Removable handouts for parent group discussion.
  • Printed hardcopy of presentation on parent involvement.
  • A list of parenting practices videos available in our Online Parenting Practices Academy Video Series (video series sold separately on this website).