Parenting Practices DVD (2012, 21 minutes)

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Languages: English, Spanish 

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Film written by and product direction by Rex Fortune III.  Produced by Dr. Rex Fortune with Fortune and Associates. Video by Roseville Video Services, in collaboration with Jeff Eberhardt Productions. Based on Dr. Rex Fortune’s Bridging the Achievement Gap - First Edition book.

This research-based video identifies 11 successful parenting practices backed by child psychologists and education experts. And, the video features engaging interviews with parents whose children are attending high-minority, high performing schools. These parents describe the routines they established for their children to follow at home to help their child achieve higher academic success in school, thereby closing the academic achievement gap.

Outcomes for viewers who watch the Parenting Practices video:

  • Viewers will have an understanding what the Academic Achievement Gap is, and how the Gap can negatively impact minority school kids in their ability to succeed in grade schools, colleges and careers, thus having an adverse effect on our society’s employment and incarceration rates.
  • Viewers will be presented with 11 successful parenting practices, which are research-based, that parents can use at home, with their child, to help their child become more academically successful in school, overcoming and closing the academic achievement gap.
  • Viewers will be provided with examples from real school parents, educators, and researchers who share their proven tools and solutions that they’ve used to help their children become more successful in school, closing the academic achievement gap.
  • Viewers will be shown examples of actual high minority, high achieving schools that have successfully closed the academic achievement gap at their perspective school sites.

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