Student Behavior - 12 short videos

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Total run time: 18:15 minutes

Presenters: Adam Frazier (Probation Officer), Kevin Golding (Behavioral Specialist)

Two behavioral experts give advice to parents regarding strategies for dealing with school aged children at home who may be exhibiting behaviors at school that will not be acceptable. As a former dean of students, Mr. Golding give positive suggestions for parents that will lead to good behavior at school, as well as ways to correct behavior patterns where necessary.

Mr. Frazier, a former probation officer, advises on ways to identify signals of influences from peers and others in the community who may wish to point your child in the wrong direction. Frazier also offers best tips to improve behavior.  Video topics in this section include:

  • Best tips for setting expectations.
  • Best tips to improve behavior.
  • How do parents give a head start to their children regarding behavior?
  • How do parents detect early signs of misbehavior?
  • How can a parent reinforce school expectations with their child at home?
  • How should parents communicate with their child’s school about behavior issues?
  • How can parents create good behavior?
  • What if my child has issues with substance abuse?
  • Who is influencing my child’s behavior?
  • Is it important for parents to communicate with their child’s teachers?
  • How can parents establish positive behavior models for their child to use at school?
  • Based upon conversations with incarcerated youth, how important are role models for students as they are growing up?