Students with Special Needs – 9 short videos

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Total run time: 9:03 minutes

Presenters: Andre Slade (Director of Special Education, Rex and Margaret Fortune High School), Kim Howard (Principal, Fortune School), Ericka Nielson (Teacher, Fortune School), Shonta Williams (Teacher, Fortune School)

Parents are provided information about the Individuals with Developmental Education Act (IDEA) in terms of what the law and its regulations mean to them, if their child has special needs. The Special Education Director describes services that the program provides. He also advises parents about how to proceed, if they think their child might qualify for this program.  Video topics in this section include:

  • Best tips for parents with students with special needs.
  • How are students assisted with special education services?
  • How does IDEA protect the rights of limited English-speaking parents?
  • How to recognize the emotional and social needs of a child who may require special education?
  • What does IDEA mean to students?
  • How do schools assist students with special needs?
  • How do parents recognize when special education programs are working well?
  • What types of services should parents expect for a student with special needs?
  • What ways can a school help a child with learning disabilities succeed in school?