Educators & Administrators

How do you involve teachers and administrators in new strategies to assist low-performing students?

Educator in Library with Children
  • To involve educators in the development and implementation of new strategies to assist low-performing students, they should use research on high performing schools; study what leaders do; and study what teachers do. Educators should study how parents are encouraged and prepared for significant involvement in their child’s education. They should study the academic performance of all student groups, and develop a plan to address the low-performing students in your school. And, educators should consider the research-based, education books and videos on closing the academic achievement gap, which are available on this website. 

  • Educators should plan for frequent assessments of their students’ progress, and make adjustment to the instructional approaches based on those assessments.

  • Educators should restructure the school year and weekly calendar for students who need more time to catch-up and keep pace with their faster peers.

  • Educators should draw upon community resources to inspire and motivate students to work harder.