Parenting Practices Booklet

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Authors: Dr. Rex Fortune with Rex Fortune III, Fatima Castaneda (Spanish Version), and Martha Quadros (Spanish Version). Edited and designed by Phawnda Moore.

Publisher: Fortune and Associates


  • English (with a Spanish Translation) version (2013), 44 pages, Price: $8.50.
  • Spanish (with an English Translation) version (2013), 44 pages, Price: $8.50.
  • Chinese Simplified language version (2015), 30 pages, Price: $8.00.
  • Chinese Traditional language version (2015), 29 pages, Price: $8.00.
Special Offer: For just $5 more, get both the Parenting Practices Booklet and the Parenting Practices DVD together for one low price (available in English and Spanish). While the Parenting Practices Booklet makes a perfect standalone item, it was additionally written to be a companion tool for the Parenting Practices DVD. 

    This "how-to" Parenting Practices Booklet, available in four languages, was written in response to parents who asked for practical, proven techniques to benefit their children. The Parenting Practices booklet contains 12 researched-based parenting practices (13 practices in the Spanish version) that parents can use with their child at home to improve the child’s academic performance at school. 

    The easy to read text has a suggested photo idea for each practice. The booklets guides parents and guardians to:
    * Commit to being their child's cheerleader. 
    * Choose fun, academic activities as learning opportunities. 
    * Use what selected parents do to raise exemplary students. 
    * Access professional resources. 
    * Prioritize home as a multi-faceted environment for learning. 

    Dr. Rex Fortune particularly wants to encourage parents of minority students who may be experiencing the achievement gap in school, which can hinder the student throughout their life. By carefully evaluating national studies and related data, he provides sound solutions to a critical topic in today's educational system that affects every American family.